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  1. The newest version of Hobson, 0.10.0, is now publicly available. There are a lot of changes in this release including:

    • Added "Home" and "Away" modes to the hub.
    • Added WebSockets support so web UI updates are immediate rather than delayed by 5 seconds.
    • Added support for long-running, complex plugin and device actions.
    • Added ability to disable tasks.
    • Added support for manually deleting existing devices.
    • Created new plugin for Pushover notification service.
    • The Hobson runtime now persists meta-data about all published devices so plugins can obtain device information even if the device hardware is unavailable (e.g. sleeping nodes).
    • Hub authentication and authorization are now managed by an independent plugin. This allows third parties to create custom plugins to support different identity stores and authorization implementations.
    • Added device tagging API endpoints.
    • Simplified event subscription model for plugins.
    • Improvements to OpenID Connect implementation.
    • Improvements to plugin and device configuration validation.
    • Improvements to device availability tracking and reporting.
    • REST API documentation is now in Swagger format and can be accessed directly from the Hub.