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MySensors integration

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The upcoming Hobson 0.10.0 has a lot of new features including real-time web socket support, arbitrary plugin & device actions, hooks that allow users to manually add plugin devices and runtime device meta-data persistence. Undoubtedly, with a lot of changes comes a lot of testing. Since a lot of Hobson's recent changes were to support sensor use cases, it made sense to perform testing using sensor devices. The question became what kind of sensors to use?

I was turned onto the MySensors project by a Hobson user and have been very impressed with it. I was able to quickly build an Arduino-based sensor gateway and a couple of basic sensors very inexpensively and quickly. Furthermore, I was able to write a MySensors serial controller plugin for Hobson quickly and painlessly which both confirmed that the MySensors ease-of-use claims were true and that the recent slew of Hobson API changes were taking things in the right direction.

It's safe to say that Hobson 0.10.0 has taken longer than expected but I think the changes are excellent and will help the platform to grow. Look for it and the Hobson MySensors plugin in the coming weeks.

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