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  1. Yes, I'm not sure why I'm getting the Forbidden error. I've asked the JFrog folks for assistance since they had to set up access for me to begin with. Maybe there's a permission issue on their end.
  2. They should be going to oss.jfrog.org but something appears to be broken. I will look into it and update the README with appropriate information. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. I like this idea. I have added a DEVICES.md file to the repo with the currently known working devices and have updated the Wiki page accordingly.
  4. The newest version of Hobson, 0.10.0, is now publicly available. There are a lot of changes in this release including: Added "Home" and "Away" modes to the hub. Added WebSockets support so web UI updates are immediate rather than delayed by 5 seconds. Added support for long-running, complex plugin and device actions. Added ability to disable tasks. Added support for manually deleting existing devices. Created new plugin for Pushover notification service. The Hobson runtime now persists meta-data about all published devices so plugins can obtain device information even if the device hardware is unavailable (e.g. sleeping nodes). Hub authentication and authorization are now managed by an independent plugin. This allows third parties to create custom plugins to support different identity stores and authorization implementations. Added device tagging API endpoints. Simplified event subscription model for plugins. Improvements to OpenID Connect implementation. Improvements to plugin and device configuration validation. Improvements to device availability tracking and reporting. REST API documentation is now in Swagger format and can be accessed directly from the Hub.
  5. The Hobson Hub listens on port 8182 (HTTP) or 8183 (HTTPS) by default. You could run multiple hub instances and put a load balancer in front of them but that would assume that all hub instances are identical.
  6. You can launch Hobson manually using Java 1.8. The current parameters you need to pass to the "java" command are as follows: java -Dhobson.home="${launcher:sys.launcherDirectory}" -Dhobson.logdir="${launcher:sys.launcherDirectory}/logs" -Dlogback.configurationFile="${launcher:sys.launcherDirectory}/conf/logging.xml" -XX:HeapDumpPath="${launcher:sys.tempDir}" -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -Dgosh.args=--nointeractive -Djavax.net.ssl.trustStore="${launcher:sys.launcherDirectory}/conf/jssecacerts" -classpath ${launcher:sys.launcherDirectory}/lib/org.apache.felix.main-4.4.1.jar org.apache.felix.main.Main You'll need to replace ${launcher:sys.launcherDirectory} with the full path to your Hobson install directory and ${launcher:sys.tempDir} with the full path to a temporary directory (varies by OS). If you're running on Windows, you'll also need to change the '/' characters in the paths to '\'.
  7. Hobson should run just fine on Java 1.8 as is. What platform are you trying to run it on?
  8. Hi smartlake, What are you looking to do specifically? Get Hobson running on Java 1.8 or build it from source using Java 1.8?
  9. The upcoming Hobson 0.10.0 has a lot of new features including real-time web socket support, arbitrary plugin & device actions, hooks that allow users to manually add plugin devices and runtime device meta-data persistence. Undoubtedly, with a lot of changes comes a lot of testing. Since a lot of Hobson's recent changes were to support sensor use cases, it made sense to perform testing using sensor devices. The question became what kind of sensors to use? I was turned onto the MySensors project by a Hobson user and have been very impressed with it. I was able to quickly build an Arduino-based sensor gateway and a couple of basic sensors very inexpensively and quickly. Furthermore, I was able to write a MySensors serial controller plugin for Hobson quickly and painlessly which both confirmed that the MySensors ease-of-use claims were true and that the recent slew of Hobson API changes were taking things in the right direction. It's safe to say that Hobson 0.10.0 has taken longer than expected but I think the changes are excellent and will help the platform to grow. Look for it and the Hobson MySensors plugin in the coming weeks.
  10. Hi Giri, Once you pull the source from Github, you should be able to build the library JAR file by running the following command from within the project directory: mvn package This is assuming you have Maven installed and the mvn binary in your path. The JAR will be put into a directory named "target." You should then be able to include the library JAR in an Android project.
  11. Hi Ira, The Hobson server is written in Java so it should be possible to get it running on Android with some modification. I would assume the biggest change would be wrapping everything in some sort of Android service so that it started automatically and ran continuously. Since Hobson is really modular, you could exclude the web-based setup and administration applications in favor of a custom Android UI as well. Android support is not currently on the road map since there hasn't been much demand for it. I would be happy to provide input and assistance if you decide you want to attempt it.
  12. Hmm, I did test the plugin with another user's thermostat before I published the current version. Let's see if trace logging givens any indication of why the HTTP calls are failing. Stop Hobson and add the following line to line 35 of logging.xml in the Hobson install directory's "conf" directory: <logger name="com.whizzosoftware.hobson.venstar" level="TRACE" /> After the change, lines 34-36 should look like this: <logger name="com.whizzosoftware.hobson" level="ERROR" /> <logger name="com.whizzosoftware.hobson.venstar" level="TRACE" /> <logger name="ACTIVITY" level="INFO" additivity="false"> Then start Hobson up and try to control the thermostat. Post the hobson.log file here and I'll take a look.
  13. Apparently, the Venstar plugin didn't make it into the last round of updates. Thanks for pointing it out. I've published the update and you should see it now in the available plugin list using Hobson 0.9.x. You may need to restart the Hobson Hub if you don't.
  14. API

    FYI, I've just released Hobson 0.9.2 which fixes this bug.
  15. While the current focus is on the next major release of Hobson (0.10.0), users have reported a couple of bugs that were worth addressing in the short term. As such, Hobson 0.9.2 is now available. Release Notes - Hobson - Version 0.9.2 ** Bug * [HOBSON-12] - Daylight savings time can cause scheduling problems * [HOBSON-30] - Adding a device passport in the web console gives an error