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How to verify supported devices?

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This page lists supported devices by WZWave: https://whizzosoftware.atlassian.net/wiki/display/WZWAV/Device+Support, but what does supported mean?

Is it Basic support as it could be detected and support basic communication, or do we support all its functionality?

How do we handle regression tests so that once working devices still works in new versions of the library?

How does the process of adding new devices to the list look? I think we are several users out there with working devices that could possibly be added to the list and make the list more complete, if we only knew how and what criteria that need to be fulfilled.



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Hi Henrik,

I'm very excited that you've become involved and are asking all these great questions :-)

Currently, a device on the supported list means that it was successfully tested by myself or someone else for minimal functionality. This means that it minimally shows up as a recognized device type (e.g. Unknown Switch) and it's primary function can be accessed (e.g. the switch can be turned on/off). Additional functionality may or may not be present (e.g. a power outlet may be controllable but not yet report energy usage).

If the device supports the Z-Wave "Manufacturer Specific" command class, then ideally the manufacturer name and device name have been entered in WZWave so that it can be recognized more specifically (e.g. Aeon Labs Smart Strip).

This is how it stands today, but I'm certainly open to suggestions on making the list more useful to people.

In the meantime, I'll update the Wiki page to include the criteria I just mentioned.

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